Woman drawing an illustration

Tribe scribe.

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of learning to draw – figuring out how to translate what I saw in the world into something recognisable on paper.


I vividly recall the moment that I realised that my granny’s head of curly grey hair could be translated into a bunch of small circles on top of a bigger circle on paper. I was sure that all I needed for the rest of my life was an endless supply of paper and a Crayola caddy. 

Never forgetting my crayon loving roots, I still create illustrations and paintings that tell tales and bring joy. 

Tribe scribe started with a request from a friend to draw his little family as a special birthday gift for his husband. I was happy to oblige. Since that first commission, I have had the privilege of drawing many 'tribes' and their stories


I always try to incorporate as many personal details as possible in each picture, resulting in something unique and whimsical and full of love. 

Give me a shout if you would like me to create something special for you and your tribe.



Kerryn asked me to create this as a gift for her mom on Mother's Day - celebrating their beautiful family and their hobbies in one of their favourite places. 


This was such a wonderful commission from Lee - a gift for Iris for her 70th birthday. Iris has lived the most incredibly adventurous life - from her childhood in Zambia to her amazing career as an aviator. She is now one of the owners of a coffee roastery in Johannesburg. I feel so privileged to have been able tell her life story in pictures. 


I love doing my family portraits but I also love getting to tell people’s stories in other ways. Graeme asked me to paint this as a gift for Antoinette who absolutely loves the iconic VW bus. This was so much fun to paint.