About me.

A creator and story teller


Some of my earliest childhood memories are of learning to draw – figuring out how to translate what I saw in the world into something recognisable on paper. I vividly recall the moment that I realised that my granny’s head of curly grey hair could be translated into a bunch of small circles on top of a bigger circle on paper. I was sure that all I needed for the rest of my life was an endless supply of paper and a Crayola caddy. 


My love of words followed. I developed a deep love of reading and creative writing at school. One of my fondest memories is a journal writing project we did in high school. My teacher handed back our marked journals and then called me aside and suggested that I kept writing and that I needed to nurture that talent. 

I find joy in the writing process. Researching, creating a foundation, and then building with words. Moving sentences around and refining as I go until I have a result that is clear, engaging and most importantly, achieves its purpose of persuading, informing, or delighting the reader.

I have a Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing Management) from IMM Graduate School as well as various insurance-related qualifications through the Insurance Institute of South Africa. I also have training in design thinking, creative writing, business writing and plain language. 




Why you should work with me

  • I have a keen eye for detail. 

  • I can easily adapt my writing style.

  • I am deadline driven and I have an excellent work ethic. This means I aim to deliver quality work on time, every time.

  • I’m curious about people and life and I am always looking for ways to connect the dots.

  • I love a challenge. 

  • I approach each project with energy, enthusiasm and a sense of humour.